Query-less Search Engine
for Requirements Management!


ReqSimile is a Java application that operates on requirement sets.

Upon selection of a requirement in one requirement set, ReqSimile calculates the similarity to all the requirements in another requirements set (which could also be the same set in order for finding duplicates and other relationsships).

It is like bringing intelligent search engine functionality to requirements management. The only difference is that you never start empty-handed and decide on a relevant query. The query is made up of the requirement you select!

ReqSimile may be used interactively to assign links between requirements. The links are stored in a separate database table and may represent any relationship you prefer depending on the requirements management process (e.g. same, duplicate, similar, related, etc.).

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1. Large software development organizations struggle to manage large repositories of natural language requirements.

2. For many organizations, requirements must be dealt with on the textual representation level.

3. Robust methods is needed to handle input of various linguistic quality.

4. There are no tools available (yet!), which support a large-scale approach to requirements engineering.

For more information, please read our latest publication, to appear in the Proceedings of the International Requirements Engineering Conference 2004.

What for?

  1. Link customer wishes to product requirements
  2. Duplicate requirements identification
  3. Merging requirements and/or documents
  4. Finding related customer support requests

And of course, there are also many more company-specific applications possible.


This application is developed on the initiative of Johan Natt och Dag, at Lund Institute of Technology, Lund, Sweden.

The work is based on and is part of the research by:

Technical details

Currently, please read the related research publications:

  1. Speeding up Requirements Management in a Product Software Company: Linking Customer Wishes to Product Requirements through Linguistic Engineering, International Conference of Requirements Engineering, 2004

  2. A Feasibility Study of Automated Support for Similarity Analysis of Natural Language Requirements in Market-Driven Development, Requirements Engineering Journal, 1(7), 2002



2005 June
Added more advanced linking possibilities for different requirement relationships

2005 February
Added TextAlignment branch to visualize textual differences

2004 October
ReqSimile 1.2 is released!! Download and try it out! Previous versions have been used for testing and research experimentation.

2004 June
ReqSimile is under heavy development so that a first release may soon be availble!

2004 May
ReqSimile has just started to be devloped as an initiative to technology transfer from academia to industry!

Based on joint
research effort by

Lund Institute of Technology

Pisa Unviersity
Università di Pisa

Utrecht University



Thanks to our industrial research partners: